Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Dealing with Poor eBay Sellers

In my last trade post recap I posted about a Collector's Choice oddball I hadn't seen before.  I also mentioned that I found the complete 40-card set on eBay for $12 and purchased it immediately.  I received the cards a few days later. 

The cards were packed in a bubble mailer, which is always a great sign.  However, the cards were placed loose in a plastic sandwich bag that had clearly been used in shipping multiple times.  The bag was soft and wrinkled.  Nothing like a new plastic bag would look and feel. 

Due to cards being packaged loosely, over 25% were damaged in some sort of manner.  Dinged corners and bent edges.  The eBay listing did not disclose any such damage so the only possible explanation is that they were damaged in shipping. 

I sent the eBay seller a message explaining the situation and asking if he might have any replacement cards.  I didn't receive a response after several days so I then filed a refund request.  Again, I didn't hear a response for a couple days so I sent one more message.  After I didn't hear back, I escalated my claim to eBay.

Within an hour, eBay refunded my entire purchase.  Although the whole ordeal was a slight headache, the end result is that I received the complete set for free.  The cards are little dinged up but I think I can live with it.

This is the first time I've ever had to file a complaint with eBay.  Hopefully it will be my last.


  1. Consider yourself lucky, I have lost count of how many claims that I've had to file over the years. I'm always amazed at just how many people don't know how to properly package their items.

    1. Yeah you would think sellers would realize that a little care in packaging would save them the headache of refund claims

  2. I'll send you some factory sealed packs when I locate them...I have a whole box full.

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  4. Sweet Jordan. I don't collect basketball, but I might try to track down that one for my binder.

    I had my first major eBay issue this summer. The vendor didn't accurately describe the listing. In the end, I too was able to receive a full refund and got to keep the cards. However I much rather would have what was promised in the original listing.