Sunday, September 24, 2017

Day 11: Finally Showing Off A Vintage Card

30-Day Challenge: Day 11

Like clockwork, fall is here.  The Mariners are out of the playoffs (17 year running) and the Seahawks are off to a sluggish start.  At least one bright spot is the play of the WSU Cougars Football team, who have played to an impressive 4-0 record.  As always, the true test will be the start of conference play.

  • Card: One of your favorite cards from the 1970s
    • 1973 Topps - #43 Randy Moffitt
  • Music: A song that you never get tired of
    • Phoenix - 1901 (2009)

If it is apparent by the past two posts in this challenge, I am not a vintage card collector.  This is not due to my aversion to vintage cards.  Instead, it's more related to the fact that I have not had much exposure to vintage cards.

I've become more aware of vintage cards though thanks to the blogging community.  There are a lot of nice vintage sets out there and maybe some day I'll track down a card or two.

I do have a couple cards from the 1970s, mostly thanks to Topps' buyback program.  I know that some collectors dislike the stamping of cards.  I agree it's not the best but at least I can say it helped me get some of my first vintage baseball cards.

The Randy Moffitt card earns the nod for today's entry due to it's bright color photo, simple design, and those sideburns.

Speaking of timeless, today's song choice is actually my #1 most listened to track according to  I've been scrobbling with since 2006 and while it can't account for every song I've listened to over the last 10+ years, it comes close.  If I listen to a CD in the car I will make sure to play that album through iTunes overnight so I get the credit on

The album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is more synth driven than their previous albums and marked a successful musical change.  1901 is likely the best representation of old and new Phoenix up to that point.  It gets me moving for sure.


  1. Nice shot of Candlestick in the background. Vintage is one of my favorite things to collect... especially the 70's. I think I'm trying to make up for lost time, since I didn't start collecting until the 80's.

    1. I think part of my reasoning for a lack of vintage is that the Mariners did not show up in cards until the late 70s so there is less of a need to collect vintage