Monday, August 21, 2017

Day 8: Family

30-Day Challenge: Day 8

If you're in the path of the solar eclipse, quick get outside! Don't forget your glasses!

  • Card: A card that reminds you of a family member
    • 1983-84 O-Pee-Chee #131 Ken Solheim
  • Music: A song about drugs or alcohol
    • Green Day - Geek Stink Breath

I've posted this card before so nothing more to say about it.
Except, look at how horribly miscut this card is!

Fittingly Day 8 is about family because I am 99% sure it was my parents who bought me my Green Day CDs.  I don't recall exactly the age I obtained my first Green Day CD.  All I can tell you was that it was before I ever had a job.

I don't know if my parents knew the lyrics to the CDs but I bet if they did know they would have taken them away.  For instance, the song below, Geek Stink Breath, is about methamphetamine use and the phrase "geek stink breath" refers to the poor dental hygiene methamphetamine users have.  

My parents DID take away my Adam Sandler CD for being too vulgar.  Fair enough. His comedy is rather profane.

I often wonder how strict of a parent I will be when I have children.  Would I buy my 13-year-old son a Green Day CD?  I think so.  As long as they like the music for the music and not because it's glorifying drug/alcohol use, I think I would allow it.

My wife on the other hand...I would trust my kid would be smart enough to recognize that just because you hear something about "adult" things, does not mean you should try it.  Also, maybe my kid will be just as ignorant as I was about these kind of subjects.

Growing up I was ignorant about a lot of "adult" things.  For instance, I loved going to Winston Cup (NASCAR) races.  I had no idea that Winston was a cigarette brand until I started hearing controversy about a cigarette company sponsoring NASCAR.

Similarly, with the Busch series.  I did not know it was a beer company.  I just thought it was the name given to the stock car series.  I can safely say that these sponsorships did not corrupt me in any way.  I never started smoking and I only drank Busch Lite in college because that was the popular beer on campus.  I didn't drink Busch because I had some fond connection to when I was 10 years old watching NASCAR.

I'd say I turned out pretty well-adjusted.

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