Saturday, December 3, 2016

Topps Goes Mega

David Ortiz and his Siren Call

After I finished off Update I thought I could wipe my hands clean of 2016 Topps.  However, I made the same mistake that many other collectors make--I walked by the card section in the grocery store. How foolish could I be?  Deep down inside I wanted there to be a reason to look.  For better or worse, I got my wish.

Topps Chrome Update, of course!  I had read about Chrome Update and for whatever reason I thought it was a Target exclusive.  Either way, I wanted to see what Chrome Update looked like.  I ended up buying one box then going back and picking up another.  

As with most chrome cards, the scans will not do the cards justice.  Chrome cards are a thicker stock with a cool shimmer.  

With an even 11-11 record in 2016, Kennedy was probably not the most deserving to be included in Chrome Update. 

As to be expected, Chrome Update is rookie heavy.

I wish my team had a 2008 Olympics gold medal winner and 2015 Korean Series champion.

Our birthdays are only 6 days apart, fancy that.

A set of rookie Dodgers.  I might have mentioned this before but I consider the Dodgers as the NL team for whom I'll cheer.  I had not started blogging yet because I surely would have made a post about my trip down to Los Angeles to watch a game at Dodger Stadium.  Brian Cranston and I had a fun time watching the game together.  He in his prime seats along the baseline and me in the upper deck.  

Surprisingly, that was actually my second closest encounter with a celebrity during my brief visit. My closest encounter was with the pop singer JoJo.  She was sitting a table over at a small restaurant during brunch.  The only reason we knew this was because we overheard her talking with her friends and pieced together that she was a singer.  Crazy.

After going to the game, I'm now the proud owner of a Dodgers beanie (stadium giveaway), three mini-bats (a gift from my brother-in-law), and a mini-helmet (previously filled with french fries).  A beautiful stadium, rich history, and a few trinkets was all it took to convert me into a fan.  

How can I go from talking about celebrities to talking about a pitcher who went 3-12 in 2016 with a 6.15 ERA? I can't.  Next.

He didn't help the Twins' pitching struggles last season but at only 22 years old he has plenty of time to improve.  

After leaving Tampa Bay, Shields bounced around to a few teams and was a year too early with the Royals, missing out on a World Series Ring. 

Nice Rookie of the Year pull!

Conforto is actually a local guy.  He was born in Seattle and went to school in Redmond, which is just across the water from Seattle.  He also played college baseball down south at Oregon State.  

This card reminds me that the Yankees are starting to get good again, ugh. 

22 HRs, 85 RBIs, and a .273 batting average in his first full year.  I think he has a future in St. Louis. 

Surprise insert time!  I didn't expect there to be Chrome Update inserts.

Out of 4 packs, I pulled two insert cards, which wasn't too bad.

What disappointed me the most about Chrome Update was that the packs were tiny.  Only four cards per pack! Ouch.  Fortunately, the base set is "only" 50 cards.  A tough feat to accomplish if you're only opening raw packs, since you need a minimum of 7 Mega boxes; assuming no duplicates.  Out of the four packs I opened I did not have duplicates, which seems like a win in retail.

Now you may or may not be thinking to yourself, "he didn't show off any of the regular Update packs!"  You're right and I don't plan on it.  I've already collected regular Update and I honestly don't think I'll pull anything good.

As a reward for reading this far into this post, I've decided to give the packs away!  These are retail packs so don't set your hopes too high.  I have 8 packs so if you want a pack, just comment below!  If there are more than 8 comments, I will randomize the entries.  I'll likely ship the packs PWE to save on postage and Canadians can enter.

EDIT: I'll probably keep this open through Monday and I'll reply to your comment so be sure to check back later. 


  1. Replies
    1. Turrdog, can you e-mail me mailing address?

  2. I would love a shot at opening one of your packs. Very generous of you. Thanks! And if I do pull anything you want you'll have first refusal rights.

  3. I wouldn't mind one. To be honest, I won't open it, but add it to my unopened pack collection since I don't have one yet.

  4. I'll enter my name, why not? I like the looks of the cards shown. They are base? They look like a Refractor of some sort.

    1. The cards shown are the base for Topps Chrome. The packs I'm giving away are the non-chrome version.

  5. I'll take one. Really wish the chrome update packs weren't exclusive to the mega boxes, they look awesome!

    1. Hi Andy, I sent you a message through your blog form.

  6. I'm glad you and Brian Cranston could talk shop at Dodger Stadium :)

    Don't send me a pack as I think there are quite a few bloggers who bought these and might be putting the set together. I didn't mess around with 2016 Topps other than getting the Buccos.

    1. Well as a consolation I can send you some Pirates from Update!