Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Tale of Two Packs

I've seen quite a bit Prizm, watching people chase the pink parallels in the retail only $50 boxes (and only 20 cards in the box!!).  I'm not interested in chasing retail color but with Topps Chrome Football out of the picture this year, Prizm appears to have taken over as the shiny replacement.  

Prizm retail finally made it to my grocery store so I decided to buy a couple packs to see what the fuss is about.  Even though I think the base design is rather bland, the shine on the cards does look nice.  With only 4 cards per pack, at $3 per pack, the value is not there.  

I haven't figured out the trick to scanning the base cards so my apologies for the inconsistent scans.  

Pack 1

Starting off nicely with a competent quarterback.  Other than last week against the Broncos where he completed only 30% of his passes with no touchdowns, Mariota had nice stretch of three games.  He had completed over 65% of his passes with at least two touchdowns.  

I have Blount on my fantasy football team so I've been happy about his play this year.  Last Monday he topped 1000 yards rushing and tied the Patriots' single season rushing touchdown record.  I have no doubt he will break that record.

As much as I hated the Cowboys during the '90s (who the hell declared them "America's Team?") I can't deny that Emmitt Smith was an excellent player.  I'll always happily had a Hall of Famer to my collection.  

The last card of the pack was a rookie prizm/refractor.  Even though he's struggled since the first few weeks of the season, getting a rookie card of the 2nd overall draft pick is still pretty sweet.  

Pack 2

Starting off the second pack with an average receiver.  Nothing to be excited about here.  

Who? I seriously have no idea.  This year he has rushed for a total of 34 years so that's probably why I don't know his name.  

The Jets cut Amaro all the way back in September.  The Jets haven't exactly been a model of success this season so to be cut from the Jets says a lot.  

I love seeing a Packers card the week after they beat up on the Seahawks.  As far as I can tell, Davis has had little to no impact so far this year.  This makes this a dud of a rookie card.

I could convince myself that I opened my money's worth with pack 1.  With pack 2 though...ouch. No card was noteworthy.  I know that not every pack can be a winner but these two packs were total opposites.  Despite the popularity of Prizm, I will be spending my money elsewhere as I'm not too excited about this set.  


  1. Whenever I see Prizm football and always makes me wonder how awesome Prizm baseball could be with a license.

    Blount was on my team as well!

    1. I agree. Prizm will be nice if Panini ever has a chance to get the license back

  2. Nice Wentz!I haven't busted any prizm yet sadly

    1. Hopefully you get a chance to open a pack or two at some point!