Thursday, December 8, 2016

First On Card, In Person Autographs

It's a good thing the baseball hot stove is burning because here in Seattle, the temperatures are dropping and snow is threatening to fall.  It's not unheard of for us to get snow but it only happens every couple of years.  I don't mind the cold weather though.  There is something enjoyable about walking outside when the sun is shining and the cold gripping your chest.

Paxton signing the two cards in this post

One player who I'm glad is not hanging around the hot stove is James Paxton, pitcher for the Seattle Mariners.  Paxton has unfortunately been injured during large parts of the 3 full seasons he has pitched in the majors.   

For the 2016 season he didn't even make his season debut until the beginning of June.  As of right now Paxton should be the #3 starter for the Mariners and if he can make it the whole season, I think he will do well.

2014 Topps

Earlier this week the Mariners announced that Paxton would be doing a signing at one of the team stores, no doubt trying to draw people in to buy Christmas presents.  Although the Mariners do a good job throughout the season of having players for available for signings so this is par for the course for them.

The announcement of the event didn't leave me any time to pick up new Paxton cards.  Fortunately, I had two cards that I could get signed: his rookie card and 2016 flagship.  I was excited to get these cards signed because they would represent my first on card, in person autographs.  

2016 Topps

Honestly, I'm not usually that excited for autograph sessions because I don't know what I would get signed.  With cards though, it feels more special to have them signed.  Especially in this case since Paxton has never signed for Topps flagship.  I think the blue ink looks really good on the 2016 Topps card.  

At the end of January the Mariners will hold their annual fan event.  Hopefully, I will have enough lead time to find cards for the signers if I don't have any!


  1. I like Paxton. So much show if the early Cutch rumors to Seattle were true it would have been nice to get him.

  2. The 2016 card looks pretty good signed. The smoke affect really looks like it was made for autographing. I've never gotten any cards signed in person.