Friday, June 1, 2018

When the End of the Rainbow Is Hard to Find

Washington State Cougars football is one of my card collecting passions.  Sometimes, just sometimes, a WSU football player is good enough to be included in card releases.  Last year, wide receiver Gabe Marks was fortunate enough to be included in a couple Panini releases.  This year, quarterback Luke Falk has the honor.

So far he has been included in 5 Panini releases featuring him in his college uniform.  Typically I'll only collect the player in their college uniform but this year I might make an exception for Falk.  He was a great quarterback to watch, even if he had his struggles, and he embodied the Cougar spirit.  I honestly don't know how far he will make it in the pros but I wish him the best.

Anyway, I've picked up a lot of Falk cards--44 and counting.  Including duplicates.  The one set I've really focus on is 2018 Score.  Score is basic but the cards look sharp.  I therefore decided I would pick up as many of his Score cards as I could.

At some point, I decided I would go for the rainbow of his cards.  Excluding printing plates, there are 14 total cards in the rainbow Easy, right? Wrong.


Like I said, a rather basic design.  However, the photo selection is something a little different.  Quarterbacks aren't usually featured scrambling outside the pocket.

The crimson bar under the photo adds some flourish to what otherwise could have been an even simpler design.  There is a touch a gray in the border around the photo, next to the position and team designation, and behind the name.  These gray elements are present in all the cards but given that WSU colors are crimson and gray, it really fits well on Falk's card.

Based on everything above, I was drawn to the card.  I even want to put together the rest of the set.


The gold parallel is a blaster box exclusive.


These scorecard parallels are the most common.  I've pulled a handful myself in my Falk search.  This one was picked off eBay.

Gold Zone /50

Out of all the numbered parallels I've seen on eBay, this one has shown up the most.  I have no idea why given it's low numbered.

Red Zone /20

I've also seen this parallel a couple times on eBay. The red border was a must have since it matches the school colors.

Gem Masters /1

If I was a betting man, I would have guessed that I would have picked up other retail exclusive parallels before I found the one of one.  With the 1/1 secured, I thought that the rest of the rainbow would come easily.

Instead, this is the last card I've found and it has been a couple weeks.  I check every day, multiple times, for needed parallels.  Nothing.  It's rather discouraging.  Score is a common set! Cards should be popping up on eBay left and right.

If you counted, I have 6 out of 14 cards needed.  It's going to be a long journey.  I won't give up though.


  1. That was a really nice photo selection! Best of luck on your quest :)

  2. I'm a college guy, so I'm with you about typically only being interested in players in their WVU unis. Since I don't really buy football anymore, that is all that I end up with, having to buy on the secondary market.

    Also, I loved watching Falk play. State is one of those teams that I try to watch every time they're on, unopposed by either WVU or Auburn. I love the late games!

    Good luck in your quest! If I see any low-numbered ones at local shows, I'll try to snag them.


    1. Oh, I miss Score in the hockey card world. Some clean, simple designs and the parallels are dun to chase.

      Also, the Scorecard looks awesome, with the gray being a State team color.

    2. Thanks Kin! I don't really buy football either so college players tend to be my main focus. WSU always seems to play really late (even for being on the west coast!) so kudos for staying up for the games.

      Panini can put out a good card design so for times like this I would love to see the design for more sports. Oh well.

      I appreciate you keeping an eye out!