Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Day 6: Dancing to Cards and Music

30-Day Challenge: Day 6

  • Card: A card you spent more than $10 to get
    • 1993 Topps Batman The Animated Series - Autograph #NNO Danny DeVito
  • Music: A song that makes you want to dance
    • Here We Go Magic - How Do I Know

Initially, I was going to post about a single card purchase that was over $10.  I didn't find any single card purchases I wanted to show off, so I thought about another way of going about it.  There is nothing preventing me from showing off a card that was part of a larger purchase.  Loophole!

Card is actually 1992 Stadium Club Batman Returns #2

I spent more than $10 to buy this Batman card but it was part of a lot.  For $20 I purchased a complete set of 1993 Topps Batman the Animated Series.  Included were several bonus cards, including this Danny Devito autograph on a Stadium Club Batman Returns card.  I don't recall knowing that this card was part of the original lot so it was a complete surprise when I found it.

1993 Topps Batman The Animated Series #22

At first I thought my autograph was obtained through an aftermarket request since this card is completely different from the animation cards (see above).  According to my research at the time, the autograph card was randomly inserted into packs for Batman the Animated Series with a print run of 2000.  

I have no proof the autograph is authentic but according to my untrained eye, it appears to be real. There is no Topps autograph guarantee on the card itself.  To be safe, I would like to have the autograph authenticated by PSA someday.  

Dr. Mantis Tobaggan

A complete set with a bonus autograph card of Dr. Mantis Tobaggan himself? What an eBay score!

To celebrate a most wonderful eBay score, it always makes me want to dance! 

The music video for this indie-pop song, directed by Sean Pecknold (brother of Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold), tells the story of an older man who is forced by his jealous wife to get rid of a robot.  Perhaps the wife is jealous of the robot's primary skills: dancing and philosophy.  The man takes the robot out to the desert for one last escapade where they can  time to the desert where they can dance outside of a watchful eye.

All robots should be programmed to dance.  


  1. Sweet Devito autograph! $20 for the set and that signature is a steal of a deal.

  2. Thanks! I wonder if the seller truly knew what he had