Saturday, June 10, 2017

Baseball Prognosticating Champion

If you are a baseball fan and you're not participating in Sport Card Collectors's MLB Pick 'Em Promo, then you are missing out.  Once a week he asks you to select the winners from five different baseball games.  At the end of every month he tallies up the person with the most correct predictions and awards various prizes.

For the month of May I tied with three others for the most points and thanks to the randomizer, I came out on top!

The first prize was a 24-cell card sorting tray.  Normally, I'd show you a picture of it as it is surprisingly large so it's worth a photo.  However, my phone straight up died a couple days after taking the photo.  The tray should be useful next time I open a hobby box.

I haven't had time to get my phone looked at but I am not optimistic at recovery.  The phone (an LG V10) is unfortunately not well manufactured.  I've read numerous stories of peoples' phones dying in a similar manner.  The phone is only a year and a half old to make it all the more frustrating.

Here is something that will cheer me up though; my next prize!

A 2017 Gypsy Queen autograph of Astros closer Ken Giles!  The Astros are a division rival so I can't show too much excitement...  Only kidding.  Giles has 15 saves on the year, which ties his career high that he has achieved the past two seasons.  It's only the beginning of June so I certain he will rack up more saves, especially with the Astros piling up wins.  

This is a nice card to have in the collection.  

SCC also threw in a card thickness point gauge card.  I had actually wanted one of these because they look very handy.  It can be be so tough to eyeball the right size for penny sleeves and toploaders.

Thanks for the great prizes SCC!


  1. I like the auto, but first time I have seen the handy thickness guide. There have been a few times I eyeball it, and typically, not well, lol.