Friday, February 17, 2017

The Longest Journey

This is the tale about four common cards that took a fun, little trip around the state in 30 days.

1988 Topps Traded

Last month I made a small 4-card order on COMC.  I purchased a few cards in preparation for Mariners Fanfest, hoping that I could get them signed.  In order to ensure their arrival before the event, I upgraded the shipping so that they would arrive in a few days.

On January 17, I requested shipment of the cards and the next day they were shipped.  Fortunately, or so I thought, COMC is located in my neck of the woods (Seattle area).  This means orders typically arrive quickly after they are shipped.  I checked the tracking number the day after the order was shipped, January 19, and I saw that the package was labeled as out for delivery.  Wonderful, everything was working out.

At the end of the day, I check my mailbox but did not see the package package.  The tracking number was not updated either.  I waited until the next day thinking it would be delivered then.  Again, no package.  This time the tracking number was "updated" to merely indicate that the tracking number was never updated after it was marked "out for delivery."  That was no help.

2015 Topps Update

I waited a few days giving the post office the benefit of the doubt.  After the weekend ended, I called my local post office for helping tracking down my package.  I left my information with someone who said they would call me back at the end of the day.  I never heard anything.

A week later, I went into my post office and did the same song and dance routine.  Another week goes by and I still don't hear anything.  This time I went onto the USPS website to leave my information, hoping that they can't ignore it this time

Several days after submit my info through the website, I get a call my from my post office.  The person I spoke to essentially said they cannot find the package and there is nothing I can do since the package was not insured.

1992 Topps - Gold Winner

I was disappointed but not too upset since all the cards I purchased were cheap commons.  I think shipping cost more than the cards.

The other day I was getting ready to e-mail COMC saying my package was lost.  I hoped that at the least I could get a refund on shipping.  I click on the tracking number and to my surprise it had updated!  On February 8, the package had somehow made its way to Spokane, which is 4 1/2 hours away on the other side of the state.  This was the first tracking update of any kind since January 19.

The package then made its way *back* to Seattle. It was finally delivered on Feb 12.

To illustrate the absurdness of the delivery route, I have annotated a map of Washington below.  My package was shipped from and to the Seattle area, which is by the black arrow on the left.  My package, at some point, traveled to Spokane, which is at the red arrow on the right.

Glorious Washington State
How a package goes from literally being out for delivery to traveling to Spokane, I will never understand.

I never worried about their location as the cards never would have been missed.  That said, I'm happy they made their to their rightful destination.

2009 Topps Updates & Highlights


  1. This reminds of the time I spent about $30 on ebay and had the package shipped to my house. After the "Out for Delivery" update, it also was "updated" to a blank space. I contacted USPS and found out that MY package had been forwarded to the previous tenant, who had moved about 8 months prior. Since the package had been received and was in the possession of the recipient, there was nothing they could do to retrieve. I was just out a package.

    1. Ugh, that is a major bummer. USPS definitely botched it on that delivery. I've lived in my house 2 1/2 hours and I *still* get mail for old tenants despite repeated notices that they no longer live here.