Tuesday, September 20, 2016

An Immaculate Addition to My Griffey Collection

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to the guys over at Beckett Radio for running the contest that netted me the card below.

2016 Panini Immaculate - Immaculate Autograph Materials Red #4

My Griffey collection is small compared to most other collectors out there.  He was a favorite of mine as a kid but most of my collecting energy went to basketball.

As I've been building my Griffey collection, one type of card I had hoped to collect was an autograph card.  I figured wasn't going to buy one as they are quite expensive (although I only looked recently for this blog post).

A couple weeks ago I entered a random drawing through Becket Radio to win an autographed, relic card of Griffey.  Everyone and their brother seemed to be entering as the number of entries climbed higher and higher.  I submitted my requisite entries and went about my day.

Last week, moments before I was to start my job interview, I received an e-mail from Eric at Beckett informing me I won! WOW!

Fast forward to today.  One of the sweetest swings in baseball showed up in my mailbox.

This card truly is immaculate.  A low serial number, only to 10.  A colored, as opposed to white, jersey (I'm assuming) swatch.  The red foil lettering does not show up well on the scan but it looks real nice in person.  Lastly, a very nice looking signature.  Griffey obviously takes some pride in his signature.  

It's a sticker autograph but frankly, I don't care if an autograph is on a sticker or not.  I understand the argument that an on-card autograph is better because it means the player actually held the card.  However, I'm fine with receiving a player autograph in any capacity.  So long as the autograph fits on the sticker and the sticker is on straight.  Here, Griffey signed 100% on the sticker and it was placed on straight.  

That's it for today's post.  No other cards are worthy enough to be included in the same post.


  1. Very nice card - and an excellent signature.

  2. Congrats! The news of winning this beauty must have really got you off on the right foot for that interview.

  3. Congrats! I was one of those who entered lol. Glad to see another blogger land it

  4. Great win!
    I agree with your opinion of stickers - as long as the whole autograph is there and the sticker is straight, it amounts to the same thing for me.