Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Kindness of Strangers

Soon after I started this blog, TCDB user CrazieJoe posted on comment on the blog saying he was willing to send me some Mariners and Supersonics cards as a welcome gift to the blogging world.  I happily accepted his gift and he sent me some cards.  Thank you Joe!

Be sure to check out his blog: CrazieJoe's Card Corner!

Old school Sonics cards 
I suppose at this point, all Sonics cards can be considered old school (R.I.P Seattle Supersonics).  Nonetheless, it was cool to have this nostalgia rush.  The Shawn Kemp painting card is something unique.  The SP Authentic cards look cool and represent the "new" era of Sonics players. Ray Allen was such an amazing shooter and I'm glad he finally won his championship ring with the Celtics.  

Through reading CrazieJoe's blog I realized that the SP Authentic cards were likely part of his Santa Lot 20.  I'm not familiar with the origin of Santa Lot 20 but all I know is that Joe has a lot of hockey cards to go through and he has been posting his findings on his blog daily.  So another reason to follow his blog!

Mariners stickers
 A set of Marienrs stickers from the good years.  Martinez (x2), Johnson, Boon, Buhner, Griffey.  Wow, what a team.

Even more classic Mariners players. The Mariners didn't hit their stride until the mid 90s but the early 90s cards are nice because they show the players as they were developing.  I also didn't realize that Harold Reynolds used to play for the Mariners.  I'd say he is one of my favorite national broadcasters.

There were a few more baseball cards but I wanted to show the highlights.  Thanks again Joe for your generosity!


  1. Glad you like them! I had ended up with a Santa gift last Christmas of about 15,000 sports cards which I have been working through 20 at a time. Lots of football and basketball I don't collect, so happy to find them a better home. I'm sure i'll have more to send your way in the near future. :)

    1. That's kinda what I figured but glad to know the story for sure!

  2. A couple months back he sent me some NBA cards even knowing it would be some time before I could find some Leafs to send him. I still have not been able to get to the local shop and get some and he hasn't complained either, lol

    1. And there will be no complaints coming either - was happy to give the cards a good home. :)