Thursday, June 30, 2016

2015 Topps Baseball Retail Break Part 2

Welcome back for the conclusion of the 2015 Topps Baseball Series 2 retail break.  If you missed my first post highlighting some of the cards, you can check it out here.

I don't have as many cards as the first post to discuss but here we go.  

I don't like Mike Trout.  He's too good and he plays in the AL West, where my team the Mariners also play.  It's hard to believe that he is only 24 but has already won an MVP and ROTY award. He's been an all-star every full year he's been in the league.  He already has a WAR above 4.0 and it's not even the all-star break.

The only reason I included this card is because I thought it was a very cool image.  It's easy to get fatigued with the typical baseball card picture but this one is different.  I'm surprised Topps didn't put this is a short print since they are keen on doing that these days.

Highlight of the Year insert
The Babe.  What a legend.  I'm always a fan of baseball history cards.

Free Agent 40 insert
As far as free agent signings go, Cano was likely one of the biggest for the Mariners.  Consistent all-star, gold glove award winner, and positive clubhouse personality.  This signing, and the money to go along with it, showed that the Mariners' front office was serious about contending.  In 2014, his first year with the Mariners, Cano played like a the multi-million dollar man he was.  Unfortunately, the Mariners missed the playoffs by 1 game.  In 2015, Cano struggled mightily at the beginning of the year and the Mariners finished below .500.

This year he has been playing close to his 2014 level but the Mariners have tanked in the month of June and Cano's flaccid bat this month is partly to blame.  I still think he is an all-star this year but he will have to turn it up in the 2nd half if the Mariners have ANY chance of making the playoffs.

First Pitch insert
Local product Macklemore loves Seattle and all it's sports teams.  He's a good ambassador for Seattle sports.  His music is good too.

Baseball History insert
Any card with Casey Kasem is alright with me.  His voice is legendary.

I'm sure I've talked about Pineda before so I won't talk much about him.  Former Mariners prospect that has not seemed to play up to his potential yet.  This year his ERA is a whopping 5.51.  He had a rough start to the year but in June he has been pitching better.

Future Stars - Base - Gold Parallel
The Future Stars tag on DeGrom has been pretty accurate.  In 2015, the year this set came out, DeGrom was an all-star and pitched his way to a 14-8 record with a 2.54 ERA.  He also pitched pretty well in the playoffs last year with the exception of his lone World Series start where he gave up 4 runs in 5 innings.  This year is ERA is a little higher, WHIP is up and his strikeouts are down.  I don't follow the Mets/NL so I can't say for sure how he is doing but the numbers suggest that he's not pitching the same.

Initially I was going to correct the rotation on Fernando Rodney but on second thought I decided to keep it.  Rodney was Mariners closer for a few years and watching him pitch was like riding a roller coaster.  One game he could go 1-2-3 no problem to get the save.  The next game he could walk every batter to load the bases and then get three easy outs.  There was no consistency.  An upside down picture seemed appropriate.  I still like the dude though.  He's been pitching very well this year so congrats to the Padres.

Last, and kinda least, Rick Porcello with the gold parallel, serial numbered to 2015.  I have no affinity for Porcello as I'm not familiar with him.  I just wanted to include the other serial numbered card.  He seems to be doing alright with the Red Sox this year so he's got that going for him.

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