Friday, June 17, 2016

A quick basketball pack before bed

About a week ago I put up a new page listing some of the sets I collect.  I didn't make a new post about it as I'm sure everyone would see it at some point.  The set I put up at #1 is the 1996-97 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Basketball.  In my introductory post way back when I mentioned this set as one I collected when I was a kid.  Even if it's not the best or a classic set from the 90s, it holds a lot of memories for me.

As I browsed eBay to see how I could finish off the set (it's about 61% complete) I had a few options.  I could get a factory set, a series 1 box, and/or a series 2 box.  The factory set probably would have been the best option but I also wanted to try for some inserts. I ended up getting a Series 1 box, even though I already have 75% of Series 1.  Oh well, I don't always make the smartest choices.  I'll end up with more duplicates than I know what to do with of Series 1, yet I think I'll get some good inserts out of it.

Here are the 9 base cards I pulled from the first pack tonight.  Chucky Brown was the only new card, the rest were all dupes. I will definitely do a more in-depth/review post of the set later but I just wanted to throw this post up quick because I was excited.

The mini-cards were a dupe but the other two inserts were new to my collection.  Shawn Bradley was quite the interesting player to watch.  Yes there have been really tall guys before him but they aren't always as lanky.

That's it for now.  I will open up more packs later but it is currently time for bed.


  1. Chucky Brown was the first professional athlete to follow me on Twitter. I think I've got all but two of his cards in my collection.

  2. That's really cool. This base card has to be fun for him to see because he is posterizing The Admiral himself. I don't think too many players can say their card does the same thing!