Friday, March 17, 2017

Trading on the Trading Card Database

In addition to being an excellent cataloging website, the trading feature on the Trading Card Database makes it even better.  Trades are simple to initiate and process.  I've completed almost 20 trades and it's been a great way to pick up cards while clearing out duplicates.

My latest trade comes courtesy of user herkojerko

This first set of cards is a small collection of Mariners from 1996 Collector's Choice.  The year depicted on the cards, 1995, was a special year for the Mariners.  That year the Mariners would see their first division title and their first post-season trip since their 1977 inception.

They also won their first post-season series in dramatic fashion with a play that is revered as "The Double."  The ALDS was tied 2 games a piece.  The Mariners saw themselves down 5-4 in the bottom of the 11th against the hated Yankees.  Edgar Martinez was at bat with two runners aboard. Edgar smacked a double down the left field line scoring both runners, which included Griffey scoring the winning run.

That's why the two ALDS cards above are great to have in my collection.  Until the Mariners with the World Series, that will be the greatest moment in Mariners history.

Top - Updates and Highlights
Middle - Opening Day
Bottom - Chrome

Herkojerko must be a Phillies fan because he sent me a smattering of Phillies from 2008 Topps.  If I had a collecting goal for this year it would definitely be to finish the main 2008 Topps sets.  I already have a factory set of flagship but I would like to have a hand collated set as well.  In addition to the main set, I do need all of the other sets.

Carlos Ruiz (middle right) is actually with the Mariners now, serving as a backup to Mike Zunino. Ruiz has worn #51 all through his career but it looks like he has taken on #52 for this season.  Why the number change?  #51 has been worn by Randy Johnson and Ichiro.  Although the number is not retired yet and can technically be worn, my guess/hope is that he switched numbers out of respect to those two fabulous Mariners players.

That number will certainly be retired once both Johnson and Ichiro are enshrined in the Hall of Fame.


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    1. I never used Zistle but it's too bad Beckett took it over as everyone seems not pleased with the change

    2. You and me both. TCDB is well-organized, but for ease of use, nothing comes close to Zistle.