Monday, March 20, 2017

Catching Up After a Busy Weekend

In between working overtime on Saturday and participating in a live, Legend of Zelda escape the room game, I manage to fit in a card show.

This show advertised 45 tables booked, which would make for a big show.  Unfortunately after working overtime, I didn't make it to the show until the afternoon so I couldn't spend as much time there as I would have liked.  Probably for the best as my budget was only $12.

A low budget meant I spent all time browsing the dime and quarter boxes.  The first table I looked at didn't have that much that interested me but I saw cards for sets I needed.  Nothing too fancy.

I need most of 2015 Topps Series 2 so I picked up about 10 cards.

I also needed 1 more card to give me an even dollar amount so I found this Crown Royal die-cut of Raul Mondesi.

People typically like Bowman for the prospects and rookies but I like the design of 2016 Bowman that even the regular old pros are good enough for me.  I hadn't actively been looking for base of Bowman but after seeing a fair number of Bowman, I decided to pick these up and add the set to my collection radar.  

1992-93 Topps is a set that I'm always looking out for when I head to card shows.  I've now realized I only have about 22% of the set so it might take me a finish up this set.

A couple random Upper Deck cards to round out this table.

After leaving this table part of me felt glad to knock down some set needs.  A bigger part of me felt disappointed because my selections were so boring! Most of the cards above I could have just as easily purchased online.  I feel like when I go to a card show I should grab something special. Something I wouldn't normally see.

Well the next table scratched that itch.

Ahh here we go! The next dealer had quarter boxes full of Griffey cards.  Most of the cards I bought were base but I have such a lack of Griffey cards that I will pick up Griffey cards for a quarter all👏day👏long👏

This will bump Griffey up to being #1 in my collection.

Several more Mariners pick ups including a couple base cards from high end sets like Tribute and Museum Collection.  I also snagged a 2009 WBC card of Dae Ho Lee who played for the Mariners last year after coming over from Korea.  I think this card marks his first card appearance.  

Lastly, and somewhat randomly, there is a 2013 Topps Chrome refractor.  I picked up this card only for the fact that this set looks metallic.  

I'd say I made good use of my $12 coming away with some set needs and fun pick ups for the PC.  I think the next card show will be in June and that should be the one that's only 5 minutes away.  I can't wait!


  1. You definitely got some bang for your buck there. Love those Bowman WBC cards, especially when they feature guys who eventually transition to the Majors.