Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Are you ready for some football?

The quest to complete 2008 Topps flagship across all sports continues with another trade with Bo over at Baseball Cards Come to Life.  He sent me a message indicating that he had found a small batch of 2008 football and asked if I was interested in a trade.  Of course I was so I scrounged up cards from a couple Topps sets from this year.

Starting with the rookies, it's no surprise that only one of these players is a current NFL player. According to the NFL, the average career length for a rookie who starts the season on the roster is 6 years.  Only one of these players had at least 6 years of playing time.  Can you guess which one?

I'll give you hint, it's not Colt Brennan who never played a snap in a regular season game.  

Kevin Smith had a productive rookie season with 8 TDs and 976 yards rushing.  That was Smith's best season and he was out of the league after the 2012 season.  

Allen Patrick bounced around several practice squads but could never land a spot with a team.

Devin Thomas is the only Super Bowl champion on the list.  He was a member of the 2011 New York Giants.  Thomas was a major contributor on special teams.  

Lastly, Kentwan Balmer played only three NFL seasons.  He played his last full season in 2010 with none other than the Seattle Seahawks.  

That leaves only one man: Jacob Tamme.  Drafted in the fourth round, Tamme has had a good career as a tight end.  He's played in one Super Bowl, losing to the Seahawks in a route, 43-8.  He currently plays for the Atlanta Falcons, who coincidentally, are playing the Seahawks on Sunday.  

Only one Seahawks card in the package and it's one I already have.  However, I don't mind getting dupes of cards in my PC.  

Tarvaris Jackson would fit nicely in a former Seahawks binder, should I ever start one.  He was a serviceable backup.

The three running backs at the top of the scan were all great players so it's nice to get those cards.

My 2008 Topps football collection slowly grows but it will get there eventually!

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