Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hey I know that card!

Have you ever looked at a card at thought, "I wonder when this picture was taken?"  Most of the time it's impossible to figure out.  Card images tend to be generic in the sense that the picture is an isolated shot of the player.  Sometimes there will be another player in the background but even then it can be hard to know which game the photo took place.  Especially if it's two teams that play regularly.

The Topps First Pitch rectify this mystery by listing exactly when the first pitch was thrown by the person being featured.  Makes sense.  A person doesn't get the chance to throw out the first pitch any ol' day of the week so it's important to specify the date.  I like the insert because it gives non-players, and even non-celebrities, a chance to be featured on their own card.

Topps 2015 Baseball #FP-12
I've shown this card before in a post about the 2015 Topps set.  I post about it again because I realized I omitted some crucial information about the card--I was at the game! I have a terrible memory sometimes and this only helps prove it.  The only reason I remembered I was at this game was a recent post on the Baseball Hall of Fame website about Macklemore and the Mariners.

In my defense, part of the reason why looking at this card didn't trigger my memory is that there is no mention of his bobblehead.  One small mention of his bobblehead and I would have remembered that "oh yeah, he threw out the first pitch at his own bobblehead night, I got said bobblehead, I was at the game with some co-workers, and that the Yankees were in town and this was Jeter's last game in Seattle."  One small cue and a whole bunch of memories are triggered.  It's weird how the mind works like that.

Are there any cards like this that you have some connection to, such as you were at the game or you remember watching it on TV?

To close out the post I'm including Macklemore's tribute song to Hall of Fame Seattle Mariners broadcaster Dave Niehaus.  Makes me happy to be a Mariners fan and live in Pacific Northwest.  Even baseball cards get a shout out in the video!

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