Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Contest Winnings

If you've never checked out the blog Sport Card Collectors, he runs great contests from time to time. One of his latest contests was a month long battle of baseball knowledge. The first three weeks you got points for picking the winners of certain weekend games.  The final week was picking WNBA winners, with a bonus option to bet points on a Top 5 finisher in the Sprint Cup Coke Zero 400.

I don't follow NASCAR anymore but I was either going to win this contest or go down in flames.  I decided to bet all my points on the bonus pick.  NASCAR has a certain element of chance so I knew this was a big risk.  Regardless, I staked my future on Brad Keselowski.  He had won the race the previous year and in the previous week he had a Top 5 finish.

Much to my surprise Keselowski not only finished in the Top 5, he finished first!  Unbelievable. Needless to say, this won me the contest.  My winnings recently arrived, which consisted of a shoe box house with six 1600 count boxes, two packs of card dividers and a box of spacers.  The shoe box house holds 9600 cards so my collection would only fill up 2/3rds of this.  It also conveniently fits in the corner of my room. 

This was a great prize for a great contest, thank you Sport Card Collectors!

I think I'm set on storage for a while
What better way to celebrate getting new card storage than buying a pack of cards?  I bought a small pack of 2016 Stadium Club.  From what I've seen of this set so far I'm a big fan.  I hope to do a bigger post later.

Nice pull with the Schwarber.  It's too bad he was injured early in the season.

At first I was apathetic about these cards since it's the National League and I wasn't familiar with these names.  However, Lucroy is playing pretty well and made the All-Star Game.

Zach Lee was recently traded to the Mariners for shortstop Chris Taylor.  Another forgettable transaction in Mariners history, which is why I didn't immediately recognize Lee. Taylor played well in AAA but always struggled in the majors.  Of course he hits his first career home run, a grand slam, after he leaves the Mariners.  Lee is currently running a 7.12 ERA in AAA for the Mariners.

An injury plagued Reds player who has only one good year under his belt. *yawn*

Three out of five cards were actually worth talking about so I'll consider this small pack a success.


  1. Glad you enjoyed and thanks for entering amd the shoutout!

  2. That's a good win for you!

    But I have to take you to task for being apathetic to my boy Jonathan Lucroy!

    1. Haha, fair enough! I just don't follow the NL enough to know what's going on over there.