Saturday, May 14, 2016

Walk Around the Park

Baseball season in Seattle means two things: new baseball cards and a disappointing Mariners team.  This year is a little different, though.  After a disappointing 0-5 opening home stand, the Mariners have not lost a series and sit atop the AL West with a record of 21-14.  With some players who I'm actually excited about, I decided to pick up this year's team set.

The crown jewel of Seattle baseball: Safeco Field

I work relatively close to Safeco Field and more importantly, the team store.  So during my lunch break one sunny day, I headed down to the Mariners team store to buy the 2016 team set.  I'm not a big fan of this year's Topps design.  The colors on the cards are too muted and the white smoke overlay on the corners of the pictures seems unnecessary.  But for $7 I'm pleased, especially since I would only want to buy packs from the main set for the Mariners cards.  I was also happy to get a Ketel Marte rookie card since he has been playing well this year.

I was a little disappointed that Felix wasn't card #1
The King!

Hopefully the Mariners' long term SS option
While I was at the team store they were selling some other cards on discount and I managed to pick up a pack of 2015 Topps Series 2 for only $1.50.  That is a steal! I got a couple nice pulls such as a Andrew McCutchen, Jose Altuve, and a parallel rainbow foil LA Dodgers card.


  1. As a new blogger this year myself, welcome to the community! I have a bunch of basketball now (see my blog - cheap plug - CrazieJoe's Card Corner) and would like to find them a living home bit by bit. What are your collection wants, and is it just what you list at tcdb or more?

    Let me know and welcome again.

  2. Hey Joe, thanks for the welcome!

    As far as my collection wants, I'd say it's mostly the things I have listed on my TCDB profile. At this moment I'm not really looking for any specific sets or inserts.

    I like your blog and you've got yourself another reader!

  3. You should have little trouble trading that dodgers parallel if you want to...they seem to be the most popular team among bloggers

    1. Interesting. I would have thought it would be the opposite