Sunday, May 22, 2016

eBay (Part 2)

Second Haul

Base Bruins set from 2013-2014 Upper Deck Artifacts
While on eBay I came across a listing for something I had not seen.  The auction was for all Boston Bruins cards from an unopened hobby box of 2013-14 Upper Deck Artifacts.  This appealed to me because I would mostly want the Bruins cards from a box anyway and this also came with the chance that the Bruins card(s) would be inserts, autographs, jerseys, anything! I watched the auction closely and as it wound to an end the price still sat at $0.99 so I threw in my bid at the last second and won.
The next day after the auction, the seller live streamed the opening of the box and went thought all the packs.  The Bruins cards ended up only being the base set but this still seemed to be a good deal for 7 cards.  

If the price is right I would consider doing this again but at the moment I don't feel the need to do it again.  A fun experiment overall!

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