Sets I Collect

I still don't know if I consider myself a set collector, team collector, or player collector.  I definitely have my teams (all Seattle teams for pro and Washington State Cougars for college) and players I prefer (any Seattle sports greats) but nowadays one player can have so many variations of the same card.  The same can be said for teams.  Thus, focusing on only players or teams seems to be too much sometimes.

When I find a set that is aesthetically pleasing and has other worthwhile features, I am more inclined to want to chase that set.  Sets are my focus today because each card can have something special even if it's not a player or team I follow.  There are not many sets that I hope to collect but here they are in no order of preference:

Sets Collected

  1. 1996-97 Upper Deck Basketball (18.6%)
  2. 2008 Topps Baseball (56.8%)
  3. 2008-09 Topps Basketball (5.5%)
  4. 2008 Topps Football (7.3%)
  5. 2006-07 Fleer Hockey (0.4%)
  6. 1997 Upper Deck Victory Circle Racing (0.8%)
  7. 2008 Topps Chrome Baseball (0.8%)
  8. 2008 Topps Opening Day (1.4%)
Percentages updated as of 11-06-2016.

Some sets I literally have only 1 card but with the Fleer Hockey, for example, a $30 hobby box, should provide a complete set.  It is possible to go from 0-100 easily.

I'm in no rush to complete these sets but it is nice to have a focus when card hunting, rather than wandering around aimlessly.  


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  2. Hey, I'm working on the 2008 Topps football set as well. I don't have a ton of extras, but I'll gladly send some your way.

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  3. I have recently come across your blog. I could probably help you with some of your set needs as well as cards of the Mariners and Padres. My main collecting priority is collecting Indians cards. Would you like to work out a trade? If so, my email is tim(underscore)gretchen(underscore)marriage At